Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an indoor Dog Park?

An indoor dog park is an indoor, temperature controlled facility to take your dog to play, run and socialize with other dogs, just as he would at an outdoor dog park. We keep the park clean and beautiful. You and your dog will love it!

Do I leave my dog at the park?

No. This is your time to play and socialize with your dog. You are responsible for your dog’s safety and fun.

What types of amenities are offered at Fetch Club?

You will be greeted by caring, professional staff. The park provides toys, agility equipment, water and treats for dogs, and WiFi.

Do you have breed-specific playgroups?

Yes! Please watch for dates and specific breed playdates on our Events page. If you would like to book a playgroup, please contact Rachel at

Can I book a birthday party?

Absolutely, we provide the park and all the goodies and you provide your dog and his friends! It will be quite an event!

How do I pay?

Fetch Club will bill your credit card/debit card monthly (like your gym membership) or you can choose to pay as you go. See pricing page for details.

Where does my dog go to the bathroom?

Dogs must go to bathroom outside in our designated spot. If your dog does relieve himself or herself in the park we ask that you clean it up

Temperament Assessment

Every dog must pass a temperament assessment with our certified trainer and are by appointment only. The purpose of the temperament assessments are to evaluate a dog’s response to different situations and environmental changes and help ensure the safety of all of our 2-legged and 4-legged friends.

What if my dog doesn’t pass the behavior assessment?

No problem, you can always test again at a later date! The purpose of the behavior assessments are to evaluate a dog’s innate character. If your dog is unable to pass after the second try, our staff will provide consultation on training techniques as well as class options to help guide your canine best friend in the right direction


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