Meet Our Pack

Leader of the Pack, Rachel Smith

Rachel Smith is the Head of our pack

Rachel, our alpha, has always had a passion for animals, especially dogs. When her kids went off to college, she was looking for something to do so she decided to play with dogs all day through an indoor dog park and agility. Rachel also strongly believes in the adopt don’t shop philosophy. Fetch Club will support local rescues and help get the word out about adoptable pups in the area.

Rachel adopted Nebula in 2017. Nebula was very timid and scared, so Rachel decided to try training to make her a more confident dog. She participated in obedience training for 4 years and Nebula gradually began coming out of her shell. While doing obedience she found agility and Nebula took to it right away. She was confident on the obstacles, and it made her forget to be nervous. Rachel and Nebula have been participating in agility for fun for 3 years. During that time, they have forged a very strong bond and enjoyed the exercise. When the agility trainer they were going to decided to retire they were looking for a new place to continue agility with the emphasis on fun and not competition. Rachel decided to start her own and Fetch Club Agility was born. 

In 2021 Rachel adopted Penny. Penny is all go all the time. During the summer they would go to the dog park several times a week to run off some energy. In winter and on rainy days it was too cold or too muddy at all the local dog parks. Rachel was looking for an indoor option to get Penny the exercise she needs while getting to spending time together but there are none in the Cincinnati area. Fetch Club’s indoor dog park will provide a safe place for pups to play and bond with their owners.




Meet Nebula, 2nd in Command

Nebula loves to make sure we know that you have joined us at Fetch Club. She is a little shy and will probably not be seen, but she will definitely be heard. She is the sweetest girl, loves to play with other dogs but will keep her distance from people. Nebula found me when I least expected it and won my heart. This timid little girl is my best companion.

Meet Penny our Social Coordinator

Penny loves everyone and everything. She is our greeting committee and Nebula’s emotional support animal. She is a silly little pittie with no fear, a little bundle of love. She and her brother were abandoned when they were puppies and made their way to Brown County Humane Society where Rachel found her, and she stole our heart.

Penny and Nebula look forward to seeing you at Fetch Club.

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